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21-22 Nov is such a happening weekend for Asian comic/anime industry.

- Gempak Starz Malaysia Comic Carnival(MCC)
21-23 Nov, 10:30-9:30PM Sungei Wang Plaza
In malaysia, it marks the return of Gempak Starz's crowd pleasing Malaysia Comic Carnival. to me, one of the high lights of mcc would be the Bakat Baru contest. Hopefully we will see a lot of new talents coming out of this batch.

For the fans of Gempak Starz artists, there are numerous autograph sessions to meet the likes of Zint, Kaoru, Keith, fellow Gilamon Slaium and the rest of the company's artists. Fans of Kaoru would be very happy as she is launching her very first artbook, Sugar Addict, during MCC. Knowing her, I am sure she has put in her heart and soul to make this artbook. I have even heard her mentioned about it before I left the company(which was late last year!). I am also very glad that Art Square is still producing this line of high quality artbooks as even though it is a costly venture, it also is a great way to showcase the best the artist's work.

oh there will also be cosplaying during the event(something i could not understand sigh~) Do lock on to for more details.

- Malaysia Mandarin Comics Society(MCS) Inaugural Comic Con
21-29 Nov 11am-10pm Malaysian International Exhibition and Convention Centre
That weekend is also the inaugural Malaysia Mandarin Comics Society (MCS) Comic Con, which is held in conjunction with Mines International Mandarin Book Fair. It will be a week long event starting from 21-29 Nov. Among the high lights of the Con are:
01 The 1st Mandarin Comics Awards for professional artists, 21 Nov 2:30-3:30pm
02 MCS members art exhibition
03 The launch of MCS 2009 Commemorative Publication which features artworks of MCS members
04 MCS T-shirt and members' postcards
05 Appearances of guest artists from oversea such as Old Master Q's author Alfonso Wong and Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Confucius comics artist/writer Lee Chee Cheng(HK).
06 Various book launches and signing sessions for MCS members and also talks. FYI I will be one of the speakers, together with Eng Huat, Aliow and Lee Shou Chong for a talk(in Mandarin) on the 29 Nov(Sun) from 3-4:30pm.

Even though the activities of MCS are almost 100% Mandarin based, I thought it would be good to keep IACAsA updated from time to time as it is also a Malaysian comic event. Here is the official blog( for more information.

- Anime Festival Asia (AFA)
21-22 Nov Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre(Halls 403 and 404), Singapore
Now down South in from Bolehland to Kiasuland, 21-22 Nov is Anime Festival Asia (AFA) which my company Storm Lion is taking part, therefore I have to miss the events back home (I only managed to come back on the following weekend for my talk at MCS). Storm Lion is going to announce something big during AFA which I am not allow to reveal here (yet). More info of AFA here(

- Mangaholix Manga Mania
21-22 Nov, 10am-8pm World Trade Center's East Pavilion, Metro Manila, Philippines
A bit further away in Manila, The philippines, it's Mangaholix Manga Mania (M3). Mangaholix is Philippines popular English manga. Very high quality works. Here are the link for more info.