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Who/what should be nominated for this year's
> Anugerah PeKOMIK, whose submission deadline ends
> today? I'd like to invite suggestions.
> Perhaps a quick recap of some events in 2010 in
> comics/cartoons will help jog your memory. (I don't
> really read the BM mags or most PTS comics, so I
> hope to leave that to Cikgu Kalam or others to review.)
> 2010 was a year with a very promising start when
> Karangkraf launched its Comix21 graphic novels:
> Saga, Senjata Elemen and Burger. At first, I thought
> Comix21 would be a good competitor to PTS, GempakStarz
> and Al Ameen, but it turned out that there were no
> other releases for the entire year! Would you
> nominate any of the graphic novels released so far?
> In February the mStar section of The Star was
> launched, providing a new outlet for local newspaper
> comics. Alif and Ben were among the comic strip
> artists featured. Are their works good enough to
> be nominated? I believe Ben also published a printed version
> of "Celestial Destroyer" later in the year.
> Anugerah PeKOMIK 2010 took place in March, with GempakStarz
> grabbing Best Publisher award and Popcorn Best Comic Mag.
> Best Comic award went to Twinx #2 by Pac, while Best New
> Comic title was clinched by John Ho's Scary Ever After
> collection (HO also netted the Best Writer award).
> Down at Pergh, there was the issue of MOY versus Ujang,
> and the Pergh boycott of Umbra, which retaliated with an
> editorial comment. Umbra has since ceased publication,
> I believe. Also, this forum has brought up the issue of
> transparency in the Creative Industry Fund allocation.
> Meanwhile, we saw the rise of the brand "Akar Creative", which
> began publishing quite a few one-off comics, such as the
> Master Doll comics by Maskey. It also published Komik Remaja
> (Kreko) and Umbra. Komik Remaja started publishing original
> local comics in November, resetting to Issue no. 1.
> Around July, Ayour left his chief editor post at GempakStarz
> after years of service there.
> Creatimango Media launched a series of 4 comics under
> Geng Cayya (similar in some ways to Smurfs) in August. These
> were supposed to be followed by an ongoing montly magazine
> called Cayyalala, but it hasn't materialised, to my knowledge.
> Creatimango also called for cartoonists for another publication,
> Krezi, which until now hasn't been out too.
> Also in August, Datuk Ibrahim Hussein's 1969 painting, The
> Dream, became the most expensive Malaysian artwork sold at
> an auction, securing a cool RM500,000.
> Two Malaysians were shortlisted for the 4th Morning Comic
> Competition (didn't win though) and some Malaysians
> won big at the International Comic Artist Conference (ICC)
> Comic Award - Lee Chak Kuen, Leong Wan Kok, and Lee Kok Ching.
> I believe, mostly for comics that were published in Popcorn.
> In September Zunar was arrested and new book Cartoon-o-phobia
> was seized. Earlier in the year, three of Zunar's other books
> were also banned. While Anugerah PeKOMIK has a 1Malaysia
> concept, perhaps 1 or 2 of Zunar's books can be nominated?
> They did have impact, right?
> Another cartoonist that ran into trouble last year was Irwan
> who drew the Irwantoon cartoon in Malay Mail. But the problem
> with TNB was subsequently settled.
> Liquid City 2 anthology, which featured a few Malaysian artists,
> was launched in October.
> I bought Marry Me and No Pink Ponies collections fro Eisu
> last year, but can they be nominated? I think No Pink
> Ponies was published first in 2009. As for Marry Me, I think it
> was released in 2008; I have since sold the book to Azhar so I'm
> not sure. But if the books were only available in Malaysia in
> 2010, can they be nominated anyway? At least Yongumix 6 can
> be nominated.
> Besides Yongumix 6, Comics Should Be Good also reviewed
> two other local self-published comics: Gilamon
> graphic novels Major Zombie: Love and Loss, and Six: The
> Rebirth. And don't forget the Wires anthology, an international
> collaboration between Malaysia's own Faezal Muniran, Nele
> Bronner of Germany and PieR Gajewski of France.
> Comixo online comics portal continued to run, while
> tried to launch its online comics portal, supposed to be up
> after Raya.
> Also notable was the debut of Saladin on local TV towards
> the end of last year, after being in the works since 2004.
> So, which comics/publishers would you nominate?
> The categories are: Best Comic Magazine, Best One-Page Cartoon,
> Best Comic Mini Series, Best Cartoon Series, Best Newspaper
> Comic Strip, Anugerah Berus Emas (Lifetime Achievement Award),
> Best Publisher, Best Writer, Best Cover, Best Illustrator,
> Best Colorist, Best Self-Published/Amateur Comic, Best International
> or Online Comic Artist, Best Comic Artist, Best Comic and Best
> New Comic.
> Anugerah PeKOMIK will be held from 11am to about 2pm on May 28
> at Perpustakaan Negara, Jln Tun Razak. Please mark that date
> on your calendar!

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