Berikut adalah foto-foto yang sempat dirakam semasa PEKOMIK di Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah Gangsa Anugerah Antarabangsa Manga ke 7 di Kinokuniya, Suria KLCC pada hari Sabtu @ 22/2/14 baru-baru ini. Ahli Pekomik berkesempatan untuk beramah mesra dengan Zint, wakil dari kedutaan Jepun ke Malaysia dan para hadirin jemputan khas. Tahniah kepada pelukis komik Zint kerana telah mengharumkan nama Malaysia.

The 7th International Manga Award
Date: 22nd February 2014
Venue: Kinokuniya KLCC

2:30pm : Media Registration and Arrival of Guests
3.00pm : Opening of Ceremony
3:05pm : Speech by Mr. Shigeru Nakamura, Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia
3:10pm : Speech by Mr. Hideaki Asai, Kuala Lumpur Store Manager of Kinokuniya Book Store
3:15pm : Award Presentation by Ambassador Shigeru Nakamura and Photo Session
3:25pm : Speech by Mr. Zint
3:35pm : Speech by Mr. Chris Yew, Executive Director from Art Square Creation Sdn Bhd
3:40pm : Comic Drawing Demonstration by Mr. Zint
3:55pm : Token of Appreciation by Mr. Zint to Embassy of Japan and Kinokuniya Book Store and Photo Session
4:00pm : Refreshment

The 7th International Manga Award
(Bronze Award for Zint's Work)

The International Manga Award was founded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2007 with the intention of expanding international exchange and mutual understanding through the globally-popular manga culture, This award honours manga artists all over the world who contribute to the development of manga internationally.

The 7th International Manga Award in 2013, received 256 entries from 53 countries and regions all over the world. Entries were accepted from April 15 to May 31, 2013. Winners were selected and announced by the Evaluation Committee of the 7th International Manga Award is as follows:

Gold Award:
- Bokbig by [Prema-Ja] Prema Jatukanyaprateep from Thailand

Silver Award:
- Paris by George Alexopoulus from USA, Greece
- Carrier by [NAVAR] Chen Xilling & Guo Han from China
- The Folies Bergere by Francis Porcel from Spain & [Zidrou] Benoit Drousie from Belgium

Bronze Award:
- USER, Volume 1 by [ZINT] Lu Wun Kang from Malaysia
- And other 10 recipients from Thai, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Burkina Faso, Spain, Belgium and Japan

Introduction of Zint's work: USER 
Elan was never an ordinary teenager, he is smart, creative and independant although he seems to be a dispirited person. He works for the local company and he is the best gamer among all tester users. One day, he was invited to participate in a cyber tournament called the "Digital Gladiator". In the Digital Gladiator world, anything is possible, everyone is given a chance to be the winner. A gladiator battle begins. Will Elan fail and be defeated or will he rise to be the winner?